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​Visualize Fishing through a new lens.

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We always think it’s a good idea to step back and remind y’all what we stand for! Sometimes shit gets lost in translation.

Our hell-bent mission? Spark a movement establishing a True Fisherman Culture - ultimately bringing humanity closer to nature.

By integrating Fishing with art, music, and street culture, we are inspiring interest from folk who have never been fishing before! Young & old.

The Solifornia movement transforms Fishing into a mysterious, psychedelic, and incredible universe.

Fishing culture is waiting to blow the F up on a global level.

Our goal & aspiration to make the above a reality is to inspire & enable city girls everywhere to start fishing. They have never been marketed to properly and simply think fishing is foreign – kind of like Nascar. Instead, fishing should look and feel more-so in the realm of skate surf; where companies give a shit about the quality of product, messaging, content, and CARE they are releasing into the universe.

We want girls to be able to experience and perceive fishing just like skateboarding was in the 70's- ready to evolve into a die-hard lifestyle.

Join the #Solifornia Revolution! Together, we can elevate fishing & the great outdoors for generations to come.

Fish like a savage, Chill like a Fish™️