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Tupac X Irwin

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Fishing is our portal into Nature's insanity. There are infinite natural components that determine success, and the more you familiarize yourself with nature's elements, the more you can use them to your advantage.

We have two inspirational heroes who have made a lasting impression on our brand: Steve Irwin and Tupac Shakur. These two legends have lived life to the fullest on different spectrums - humanity and nature.

Tupac Shakur grew up & lived amongst the worst of humanity, though nevertheless, he overcame his incredible challenges while simultaneously inspiring millions of inner-city individuals that they can accomplish their dreams, no matter where they were from. Tupac had the ability to conquer in such a short timeframe before dying at the short age of 25. We intend to change the way fishing and nature is perceived forever.

Escape the confines of every day humanity, hit nature with the same "outta control" energy you would bring to a bar or night club. Fishing is a way for people to escape the honking, insanity, and madness of the city life-meditate & become one with nature.

Growing up, we remember watching Steve Irwins's love for animals and nature on TV and it has never stopped inspiring our desire to show the world nature's beautiful insanity through fishing.

Steve had the ability to prove that animals were not vicious monsters. He showed us how to properly handle beautiful creatures, and taught us to not be afraid. His ultimate love & connection to animals was so deep & on a level that we all dream of achieving one day. His passion inspires us. We want to bring his undeniably unique love for nature back into the hearts of humans everywhere. There was never anybody on Steve's caliber who was able to impact an entire generation through wildlife.

Solifornia's inspiration comes from a combination of both legends, and by following their beliefs, we can change the world forever. Our ultimate mission? Bring humanity closer to nature.

Join the Solifornia Revolution.