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Take a Friend Fishing, Change the universe

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We can sit here all day long & write about how much damage & horribly messed up the last year was…

Instead, we want to focus on a positive aspect & spread some light & positivity.

Here at Solifornia in NYC, our mission is to increase the number of fisherman; especially in urban areas - where folk never got properly introduced.

TODAY, the current events are actually pushing more people outside than ever before… Just check out your local lake - there’s a ton of people, especially female anglers! More than ever before. Instead of getting hooked to the couch alone, people would rather chill by a lake and fish – with their friends and fam.

Fishing is our portal into nature’s beautiful insanity What does this mean?

We live in a reel strange world, especially when you become accustomed to the norm of society & human civilization.

Fishing is ancient, unique, and spiritual. Catching fish require nature’s cooperation & involvement is essential to understand, conquer, and most importantly - enjoy the experience.

When you’re out in the great outdoors, all it takes is one trip, experience, or moment!, For example, you may hit a lake and not catch fish… BUT Witnessing a hawk grabbing a trout with sharp talons for example can change your entire outlook on the great outdoors and drastically improve your lifelong-term.

With minimal components that derive from humanity, fishing relies almost fully on nature to provide information. When there’s no fish biting, you question your skills or nature’s inefficiency to provide.

Fishing is virtually unlimited to everyone, no matter where you reside. Saltwater or Freshwater.

The Solifornia mission is encouraging the inner-city youth to take an interest in fishing, which will ultimately be there everlasting portal into nature’s beautiful insanity. In other words, all the Solifornia artwork, creativity, & product is all bait to change the perception of “boring old fishing”; inspire and hook city people to start fishing.

Bottom line – to achieve the above we need your help & truly believe that together, we can shine a positive light through this extremely difficult time. When things are fcked up, we turn to nature.