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Solifornia Fishing Hats

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Solifornia Fishing Hats!
We are stoked to announce the launch of our new Fishing Hats!

This collection is inspired by Nature's art Below the Surface. We designed this collection to present some of our favorite fish patterns that our Head of Design,  Katie Cousins,  drew by hand with intense detail.  

We chose specific fish patterns that appeal to both Fishermen and inner city people who have never been fishing before, with the intention of inspiring them to start.

The final patterns include the Striped Bass, Northern Pike, and Brook Trout – which resemble some of the “Local” game fish we grew up with and will continue to love for generations.

Our fishing hats are made with 100% premium cotton fabric to obtain our signature fit and feel. Unlike most, our hats are structured and are designed to last & get beat up! Just like a baseball glove – the more you break it in, the more you will fall in love with it & will never want to take it off.

Our hats come with some exciting functionalities! Equipped with two pockets. The bigger one is a Velcro "stash pocket,” which is big enough to hold money, hooks, lighter, etc. The second pocket, which we call a “slim utility” pocket, is a vertical pocket made to hold, let's say, a joint.

Our hopes for this collection is that it will spark a movement that will enable & inspire people everywhere to rep the fisherman way of life anywhere – Work/Play/Fish.

Match Your Catch

To celebrate our new Fishing Hat collection, we are running a "Match Your Catch" giveaway!

Catch a fish while wearing a Solifornia hat to match the fish (Striped Bass, Brook Trout, Northern Pike), and Win a free Solifornia Tshirt of choice!

Send your winning picture to

Walk around like you got a fish on your head!