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Since the very beginning of Solifornia, our efforts have been orchestrated to create a landscape for people to live, represent, and evolve the fisherman way of life.

The Solifornia lifestyle is fueled by art, music, and street culture; all meant to recruit our breed of new dope fisherman who haven’t been properly introduced to the great outdoors.

We are proud to announce the official launch of our new collection - Project mindset.

Made in small limited edition batches, these HIGH quality hats will never be made again.

We believe that by wearing our hat, you will be effectively recruiting new dope “fisherman.” Proceeds from our hat sales go to introducing underprivileged kids in Brooklyn to the beautiful world of fishing.

It's time we start cultivating a movement to change the minds of the many and strengthen the minds of the few. The Fisherman persona should be affiliated with surfers and skateboarders; sharing a special connection with nature.

Together, our generation can revolutionize “The Fisherman” Forever.