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Lake Champlain, Vermont!

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Most people have never been ice fishing, so they have no idea what they’re missing. Ice Fishing can change your perception of winter forever!

Ice Fishing is the one of the more extreme forms of fishing – to think that you are capturing life in the harshest of conditions- it will blow your mind. Most people naturally think it is insane!

I want to share the first time we went ice fishing, in hopes that it will inspire others to do the same...

Last year, the Solifornia crew left NYC and ventured out to Lake Champlain, VT.

Immediately past the city boundaries, when we hit the highway, the setting changed drastically. Instead of the polluted NYC streets, seeing brown disgusting snow, we found ourselves in this beautiful white wonderland of untouched snow. We lit up a fat joint and inhaled in the scenery.

The drive took us about 6 hours, which was good timing, considering the intense traverse of heavy snowfall.

We finally arrived to our cabin and geared up. We’d bought ice fishing rods, bait, and an auger, which is basically a huge corkscrew made to break through the ice.

We were headed to our Ice Shanty, which we’d rented from a dude in the local bait shop. 

An ice Shanty is a cozy hut on the ice that keeps you warm with a wood-burning fireplace- as you fish from the comfort of a warm seat. There are holes cut out of the floor of the shanty, through which you screw a hole, with the auger into the ice- and fish!

Driving onto the actual lake to the shanty was fucking crazy. The minute we walked into our shanty, I started chopping up firewood and got the fire blazing. It was negative 20 degrees so we were kind of tripping out in the beginning- my face was numb. As soon as our ice shanty warmed up though, we fell in love with the insanity that is ice fishing. The view out of the was window so extraordinary, it felt like fishing on a different planet. Like being in a completely different universe even.

Using live shiners for bait, we dropped down our lines and settled in to chill super-hard. Nothing happened for about an hour, so I lit a joint. More time went by, then out of nowhere, zzzzzzzzz my drag started screaming and my rod was bent in half.

My brain couldn’t even comprehend that there was a fish on my line in the middle of a frozen lake. I aggressively pulled up my rod and hooked the shit out of the fish. After a graceful 10-minute fight, I finally held the fish in my hands- a beautiful Northern Pike!