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How to Catch a Largemouth Bass | Tap into the Ecosystem

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You don't need fancy equipment or a boat to catch a "Bucket Mouth" or giant largemouth bass.

All you need is a fishing rod & some hooks.

By following this equation, you will be able to find success in any situation:

Worm > Bluegill > Largemouth Bass

1. Dig up some worms!

There's free bait everywhere! Get savage, find a good spot (moist, wet, swampy), and start digging. Find a fat worm, & cut it up. Use small pieces for bait and catch a sunfish (bluegill, pumpkinseed, crappie).

2. Re-hook and throw back out!

After catching the sunfish, quickly get the hook out of its mouth, tie on a bigger hook, & gently thread the bigger hook right thru the nostrils. If hooked properly, the baitfish will stay alive for hours, or until you let it go.

If you're fishing in shallow or swampy water, you may want to use a bobber - no shame in it! It's a tactic - the bait fish on the hook is going too see the plantation on the bottom and continuously try to frantically swim down.

3. Let nature run her course!

Cast out and hold on for dear life.

Preferably around sunset, launch the baitfish out just deep enough so that it can swim and not get caught in the weeds. Let it struggle - you will immediately get slammed!

4. Catch & Release

Come with nothing, Leave with nothing! (Except for some kickass memories).

This method has always been consistently successful for me, but it is very important to keep in mind - every body of water is different and requires its own assessment before "live lining" or using big bait to catch bigger fish.

Every state has its own laws, and it's crucial to follow them. Most importantly, to protect your local ecosystem so that it's habitat will continue to thrive & allow future fisherman to enjoy the same spot hundreds of years later.