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Canadian Border Control- THORW(it)BACK! February 10, 2016

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It all started one early morning in May. I was reading an article about how insane Muskie fishing is and decided, fuck it – I am heading to Canada to kill it!

I quickly rounded up the Solifornia crew; we all jumped in my 4-door jeep wrangler and started our journey from NYC to Canada.

The drive was beautiful! It’s always a pleasure to get out of NYC for a while; the more north you go, the scenery changes drastically.

I was with 2 people - our head of marketing (Jen) and our photographer, who would rather her name be kept confidential.

Finally, after driving for about 10 hours, we are about a half hour away from the fishing lodge we booked for the weekend. Now, it’s around 10pm and out of the blue, we come to a stop at the Canadian Border Control station.

We followed their instructions, parked the car, and walked into the building to get inspected. The officer asked me what I was going into Canada for, and I replied, “to catch some big ass Muskie and shoot some film. He then did a quick background check on me & found out I got arrested 3 years ago in NJ and got charged with a weed-related mister meaner.

The officer then walked us to my car, which was parked in a sketchy looking garage. They told me that I have to watch them while they search my car for anything illegal.

Unfortunately, sure enough, they found a half oz of marijuana, which happened to be called “Obama Kush”. The officers started tripping out, put the weed on a table and continued to search my car inside & out – they literally took apart my speakers.

While all of this was happening, I realized I had to take a piss very badly, so I asked the officers if I could go; they politely showed me where to go. While I was in the stall peeing, I heard someone creep into the bathroom quietly and the second I opened the stall door, the person was gone.

When I got back to the garage, the officer took out handcuffs and told me he had to contain me. I immediately signaled my photographer (who doesn’t work with us anymore) to snap some dope pictures but she was to afraid.. I took full responsibility & told the girls to make like they had nothing to do with it.

Next, I found myself alone in a strange cell at 1am in the morning. Everything was pained white, there was a tiny one-person bench, which I was sitting on with my hands cuffed behind my back. There was a camera looking at me, & a really annoying noise coming out of a speaker on the wall; it sounded like a dog whistle.

The Officer came in and accused me of going into the bathroom and flushing pills down the toilet. I responded by saying “dude first of all you guys are really fucked up for creeping in the bathroom; secondly, call the plumber because you’re completely fucking insane.

At this point, I was extremely fed up and just wanted to get my weed back & head back to the US. I was saying things to the officer like “you’re a Nazi” and “fuck your bullshit country, do you guys even have an army” – he threatened to send me to Canadian jail but I really didn’t care – I was seeing red.

Bottom line – we are not legally invited to Canada & will never return. Our long trip up North has not gone to waste. On the way back (still hungry to icefish), we hit up Lake Champlain &discovered an incredible ice-fishing motel place called “Holiday Harbor” located in North Hero, VT & crushed it!