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​FISH OUT OF WATER : Fishing x Skateboarding

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Fishing is the ultimate for us, but we respect ALL outdoor pursuits. The important thing is to get outdoors and stroke your passion!

After extensively researching the fishing industry, we noticed how many important people in the world are excluded by the biggest fishing and outdoor companies. For example - Take a look at many massive fishing company’s social media: there are NO inner-city people fishing, which we feel is a huge problem in the market and in the world. Fishing is our portal into nature’s beautiful insanity! We feel strongly that EVERYONE should have the chance to become inspired and be able to experience the great outdoors.

People who live in the city may NEVER be exposed or attracted to even giving it a chance, which is why the Solifornia movement aims to inspire ALL people and demographics

We recently shot a short film; which we made to intertwine fishing into the skateboarding world in a way that pushes skaters to start taking an interest in fishing; but ultimately, Solifornia supports any way to get the hell away from technology and connect to nature and the great outdoors.

It was really interesting to see how many people at the skate park were intrigued by the combo of fishing X skateboarding; it was an amazing spectacle!

We are strong believers in the “undeveloped” definition of a fisherman; What is it? If you label yourself as a skateboarder or surfer you automatically sound cool - our mission is to make people PROUD to refer themselves as a fisherman and live that shit to the max!