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Artwork By Our Designers | Solifornia

Meet The Artist

Introducing the dope combination of Fishing x Art! We create everything from scratch with extreme passion. perceived Head Designer Katie Cousins is the legend behind the Art! Read More


Artwork By Our Designers | Solifornia
The Solifornia Logo is a unique hand-drawn portrait inspired by an original 18th Century oil painting of Ben Franklin, and our love for the Great Outdoors. We give you a portrait of the ultimate outdoorsman, revamped and reborn by the Solifornia movement.  Rocking an angler’s beard, hunter’s hat, and a good ole fashioned pipe, our logo was hand-drawn by our in-house artist, and created with the work of a simple pencil and a blank canvas.
Weeb Fish -  Artwork By Our Designers | Solifornia
The Solifornia Weed Bass is an iconic expression of our creative mentality. We sculpted a beautiful bass out of an oz of OG. The Birth of the Bass was filmed & photographed, and then reborn into our exclusive Solifornia "Catch Fish or Get High Trying" Cotton Tee
Duck Art -  Artwork By Our Designers | Solifornia
Go Duck Yourself // Hand drawn to perfection, our notorious Go Duck Yourself artwork symbolizes the idea “be careful what you wish for.” Most people have no idea that a large Northern Pike or Largemouth Bass are capable of eating ducklings- throw this into the water and you'll be holding on for your dear life.
Artwork By Our Designers | Solifornia

Inhale the Sunset // This art piece was created by art piece artist, KT Cousins,  to inspire & encourage girls everywhere to start fishing. We want girls to be able to experience and perceive fishing just as surfing&skateboarding is perceived; cool, sexy, and badass. 

Electric Eel // Inspired by the classic MGMT song, this piece exemplifies our mission to make fishing desirable to today's Youth.
Artwork By Our Designers | Solifornia
River of death // This piece is one of our favorite and most important, as it represents our mindset: Respect the past, while creating the future! 
Fish N Skulls //  Look Twice! This incredible artwork is an illusion & masterpiece.
Artwork By Our Designers | Solifornia
Last Cast //  This artwork will make you reminisce about the worst & best fishing experiences in your life! 
Bearded Fisherman // The bearded fisherman represents the TRUE fisherman! We believe every fish we catch rests in our souls after we release the fish back into its home.
Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You // Even though this artwork was done using sharpies, we feel like it would be the dopest tattoo of all time! Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
Fisherman's Eye
Tree of Life